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Firstly, we have the best of both worlds here on the TV Licence Free website. Obviously, we have the blog here, but we also have a forum for all. Of course, we cover all the subject matters including off-topic issues. However, remember we are a BBC TV licence resistance group too!

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In reality, there is no need to pay for a BBC television licence. Of course, it down to personal choice. However, read our recent posts and this should help you to decide whether to boycott the BBC or not! Indeed, they will try and bully you to pay for forced brainwashing, but don't give in.

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Obviously, the TV Licence Free website is a BBC television licence resistance group. So, why not join in! Indeed, you can help us to educate people about the bias and filth we get from them. Moreover, you don't have to be a member, just click the "Submit A Post" tab above and tell the world.

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In the event that you need to find out more about the TV Licence Free website, then we have a site information section. Obviously, we tell you why we exist, give you a privacy policy and a contact page too. You may also lookup our FAQ too. So, join the BBC TV licence resistance group today!
In the first place, the TV Licence Free website is a BBC licence resistance group. We obviously exist to balance out the Blatantly Biased Corporation. Indeed, it is their policy to balance everything they broadcast. However, in most cases, they don't! This is because, most journalists, reporters are presenters have their own agenda. Moreover, so do most of those at the top of these wicked organisations. Of course, they should just give us the truth then there would be no need to balance things. Remember, there is only one truth in any given situation! But, the BBC have an infestation of loony left-wingers. This obviously does not allow the truth to come out. By and large, British people are not thick and can see through it all. But you don't need to pay for their crap. In fact, we are all aware of the sex scandals that the BBC tried to cover up. Obviously, the Jimmy Savile saga lasted for decades, and we paid his wages! But there are many others. So, help us to help others to boycott the BBC.
Disclaimer: the TV Licence Free websites that we run are indeed public platforms. With this in mind, anyone is able to post on our sites. Moreover, our platforms are information exchange websites for all. However, we do ask all visitors and member to stay within the law. Just to point out that anything you read here is not necessarily the views of the staff at the TV Licence Free Website. Indeed, we do not offer or imply to offer any advice either. Also, we can't possibly moderate all posts. So, stay safe when you post and be alert when you read other posts. Obviously, if you act on any information anywhere on the internet, you need to know exactly what you are doing. Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay here, have fun and bookmark us.