BBC bias on the EU referendum

Here at the TV Licence Free Website, we tell you about the BBC bias about the EU referendum. The money-grabbing organisation supposed to be impartial but are obviously not!

BBC bias on the EU referendum - Anti-BBC - left-wing biased - marxist and communist

The BBC leans to the left – reporters, journalists and presenters

BBC Bias on the EU Referendum (Brexit)

Twice this week the BBC have indeed had a big feature about the up and coming referendum on Brexit. In fact, they are going on about a report commissioned by the CBI which claims doom and gloom about the vote in June.

Apparently, the UK will also suffer badly and it will be the end of the world as we know it. This is obviously BBC bias on the EU referendum. Of course, the BBC want the UK to remain in the EU. So, expect much more BBC EU bias over the next few months.

Oh the good old BBC, supporting the pro-EU lobby at every step. Indeed, we expect the BBC to report the news not the promotion and distortion of facts. We doubt whether we will see the BBC promote anything positive about Brexit. But we live in hope.

Indeed, here is a link to the article that inspired our post here.

Obviously, you may reply here or in our massive TV Licence Free Forum. Either way, make sure you get over your views and opinions about this disgusting organisation.

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