BBC Link Brexit To Crime

BBC Link Brexit To Crime

Of course, it had to happen, didn’t it? The BBC are one of the only bunch that could link Brexit to crime rates!

With the EU referendum being tight and indeed won by the Brexit people, the BBC were not. So much so that the Beeb are only too happy to help link the rise in crime to Brexit.

OK, they got these figures from the police, but basically, it was a “see, I told you” report. And no doubt, the BBC couldn’t wait to get their hands on the facts and figures. However, there is no link between Brexit and crime rates at all, just a coincidence.

You see, crime rates naturally fluctuate, but the BBC has to make the link – just to rub it in. Their anti-Brexit stance together with all their subliminal messages never worked. So, now they have their tails between their legs. Get down Shep indeed!

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Yes, let’s talk about the BBC and horrific crimes!

On To The Inflated Figures

Anyway, be that as it may, back to the figures. Obviously, the BBC wanted the figures covering the Brexit period. So, for one week before June’s EU Referendum and 3 weeks after there were 6,000 reports of hate crimes, allegedly.

One has to remember that if we go back far enough there would be no such thing as these stupid “hate crimes”. And besides, we know the police are on a quota system, maybe they helped bring the figures up.

Even Scotland Yard deputy commissioner Craig Mackey said the Brexit vote appeared to have “unleashed something in people”. OK, so now the BBC has a bobby to make a statement because that’s all it can be, a statement of an agreement between snowflakes!

Police And The BBC

The police are so dumb that they go along with this. In fact, they are committing a crime against the British by saying graffiti on a Polish community centre is racist. Obviously, it is not as the British are the same race as the poles! But, this is what you have to expect from both organisations. Between them, they haven’t got two brain cells to rub together.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, the National Police Chiefs’ Council, also says “police officers will continue to be out around the country engaging with communities and picking up and dealing with tensions and problems.” Yeah, we see through that also, what this means is “you British shut up or put up”.

Why don’t the police prosecute those that call the British people, “white trash”? It’s pathetic really!

Indeed, remember the time when Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Paul Condon, wasn’t allowed to repeat the crime figures in the nineties, but we can. Paul Condon’s statement said, “80 per cent of muggings in high crime areas of London are committed by young black men”.

Apparently, repeating certain facts and figures is offensive to some people. Well, not really, it’s just a few troublemakers who choose to make an issue of things!


As the saying goes, don’t have nightmares, the police and BBC are in charge. But, it is quite clear that there is an agenda here, and it is an anti-British one! And of course, we pay for this!

The “BBC link Brexit to crime” article is here.

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