Hypocritical BBC On Money

Hypocritical BBC On Money

Firstly, if you don’t laugh at this article by the good old BBC, then you will cry. The headline itself tells you about their hypocrisy, “Hypocritical BBC On Money”

Indeed, they point out that some fake news websites, including social media, make money. How shocking indeed! In contrast, what they don’t point out is that the BBC are responsible for putting people in prison for not giving them money!

In particular, women and the most vulnerable people in our society are easy prey for the hypocrites.

Go To Jail, Go Directly To Jail

Indeed, with the BBC being a biased brainwashing corporation, they force their ways upon us. Obviously, they do this through the television licence. In fact, if you don’t pay, they can and will have you in prison.

So, pay them and suffer brainwashing on a massive scale, don’t pay them to brainwash you and go to prison! That’s your choice!

In effect, the only option to avoid this brainwashing/prison scenario is not to watch any live TV broadcast. That’s correct, even if you don’t watch the BBC at all, you still need to pay for them!

Hypocritical BBC On Money – Your Choice

While the BBC harp on about fake news websites making money from the vulnerable, the BBC are at it also. But, while you can easily walk away from fake news websites, you can’t easily walk away from the BBC.

On the contrary, if you have a television, they want to know if you watch live TV broadcasts. Indeed, they send round fake “authority” to force you to pay up. But, if you handle things correctly, you do not have to pay them!

The Law Is On Your Side

Indeed, the law is on your side, if you want it to be. For example, it is illegal to support anyone involved in a crime. So, what crimes are the BBC guilty of. Well, allowing their presenters to sexually abuse children is one. Indeed, many of these incidents were broadcast and the BBC let them happen.

Those crimes are obviously still in our minds. However, what crimes are the BBC guilty of right now, can you think of any? Of course, some won’t appear for a while to come. However, the BBC goes against its own charter, so maybe a breach of contract?

The Choice Is Simple

By all means, pay up and shut up, but does this solve the problem at the BBC? Of course, it doesn’t. In fact, by paying these hypocrites, we are supporting all the disgusting evil creatures that were in their employment. Not only those but the ones that are there now!

You have a clear choice, support the brainwashing machine and the evil within, or break free from that association. Because, in law, supporting anyone who does wrong means you are guilty by association.

To Sum Up

Finally, you have an option to show your disgust at the BBC. Obviously, this decision will be what your conscience decides.

Link to our “Hypocritical BBC On Money” article

Ban The BBC

Unless the BBC remains neutral on all matters, then we say “Ban The BBC”! Have your say on this article by commenting here or in our massive TV Licence Free Forum.

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