Jacob Rees-Mogg Destroys Mark Carney And The BBC

Jacob Rees-Mogg Destroys Mark Carney And The BBC

Indeed, the Biased BBC have no idea how much bias they have. Obviously, they are told time after time by many people. Also on social media and websites such as ours – TV Licence Free. However, even when the politicians tell them they brush it off so their filthy agenda continues. This article tells us how Jacob Rees-Mogg destroys Mark Carney and the BBC.

Here is Jacob Rees-Mogg telling David Dimbleby that the BBC are guilty of Brexit bashing. Rees-Mogg continues by explaining what the BBC are always saying in spite of Brexit and gives a few examples.

For instance, in spite of Brexit a record 3 million jobs more since 2010. Also, he says “in spite of Brexit, unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975”. Then he adds a little humour, “in spite of Brexit, England won the West Indies at Lords”.

Obviously, Jacob got a round of applause for his input.


Bank Of England

Despite having a go at what he affectionately says Auntie Beeb, he also has a bash at the Bank Of England. In the first place, he says the Bank of England should be apolitical. Indeed, Rees-Mogg’s observations continue by saying Governor, Mark Carney, doesn’t have a say in a General Election. But, Carney did when it came to Brexit.

Hats off to Jacob Rees-Mogg because he is a man with a conscience and says it as it is. However, he gets a bashing himself from all the minority groups and those who are happy to murder unborn children etc. His view is anti-abortion – period!

BBC Should Be Apolitical Too

Of course, when it comes to the television, we have one big brainwashing machine. Indeed, the BBC force people to pay for it. Therefore, it stands to reason that the BBC should be apolitical.

Moreover, Rees-Mogg is correct when he says the Bank of England should be apolitical too. This is because anything that wields and influence of any sort should remain neutral, with balance. Obviously, the left-wing BBC can’t stop themselves polluting the airwaves.

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