Jeremy Paxman Withdraws Article Criticising EU

Jeremy Paxman Withdraws Article Criticising EU.

The BBC advises the removal of an article it didn’t like, pity for them if they don’t like freedom of expression! This article refers to the news story “Jeremy Paxman withdraws article criticising EU” in the Daily Mail.

Although his article didn’t call for a withdrawal from the EU, the BBC didn’t want an issue. In fact, the BBC say it was an article taking an impartial look at the fundamentals of what actually goes on between the UK and the EU.

Paxman done the article for the Radio Times but since withdrew it after a word in his ear. The BBC just can’t stop itself!
Jeremy Paxman Withdraws Article Criticising EU

Hats off to Paxman because he was to raise concerns at the loss of sovereignty by the UK.

A BBC spokesman said: “Our coverage of the EU referendum is fair and balanced so that across the campaign period audiences are given clear and impartial information about both sides of the argument.”

Shame then that the BBC only does this occasionally. But since, the BBC is pro-EU it isn’t surprising that it took the action to stop publication. In fact, it’s a shame that we didn’t get a chance to read it.

Who said, the BBC is a Pro-EU, left-leaning organisation and acts where those issues are in doubt?

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