Radio 4 Brexit Bias

Radio 4 Brexit Bias

To begin with, the BBC are at it yet again and thinking they can get away with it too! Their Radio 4 programme “Today” shows Brexit Bias, indeed it has apparently 3 times more remainers than Brexiteers.

This obviously suggests that the good old BBC has breached its own impartiality rules. But, they just can’t help promoting their anti-British agenda.

Obviously, this poses the question, “does the BBC really like the thought of democracy”?

Radio 4 Brexit Bias - bin the BBC

Tell Them

In view of the fact that Brexit won the referendum, maybe someone should tell the BBC to accept the result. Of course, they already know they should but they won’t.

However, their view is that if they keep up this ignorance, they can persuade us to think again. But, in a democracy, the people’s decision is final. Sorry, BBC, but Britain is leaving the EU regardless of what you think!

The BBC’s Response

In true fashion, the BBC indeed defends its position given the above facts. “The BBC has and will continue to cover Brexit in a responsible and impartial way independent of political pressure. ” So, there you have it, the BBC will steamroller on regardless.

Of course, anyone who gets in the way of them will be subject to ridicule. Oh yes, they love to call you names!

Don’t Support The BBC’s Agenda

Expect much more anti-Brexit brainwashing from the BBC, in fact, expect it daily for a while to come. Of course, one way to sort out these anti-British people is to withdraw support forthwith.

Indeed, paying your television licence to be subject to constant brainwashing is not the way to go. Also remember that the BBC is not just television, its Radio 1, Radio 2 etc.

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