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Obviously, if you have any issues regarding the TV Licence Free website, let us know. Indeed, if you wish us to correct anything anywhere on the blog or the TV Licence Free Forum, let us know. For example, have we got something wrong that needs correcting?

Moreover, if you wish you offer a way to help us improve the site, we would love to know. In fact, we exist because you want us to. In effect, it’s your website. Therefore, please help us to get everything right for you and others!

So, as you see, you may use this contact form to communicate with us. However, please be aware that we can’t offer any advice whatsoever. Indeed, we have the blogs here and an active TV Licence Free Forum for information exchange.

Obviously, the TV Licence Free Network is where we pool all of our information. With this in mind, have your say and help us to help others.

Interact With Us

We obviously allow users to interact with us on the blog and forum. This is in order to spark a debate or two about the thoroughly disgusting happenings at the BBC. This is because if we don’t challenge these people, they will continue to get away with murder.

In effect, because we pay for the TV licence, they use our money to corrupt the masses. Therefore, bookmark both the Blog’s Home Page and the TV Licence Free Forum. Then, when you discover what this biased organisation has done wrong, tell us without delay!

Contact us at the TV Licence Free Blog - we are a television licence resistance website - don't watch live TV? No need to pay!

Indeed, the TV Licence Free pressure group is all about BBC TV licence resistance

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