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Indeed, you may search the web here at the TV Licence Free website

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In the first place, you need not be a member to surf the internet here on the TV Licence Free Website. In short, to search the web, all you need do is to type your keywords in the search box above. Obviously, the search results appear on this page.

So, there is no need to leave the TV Licence Free Website in order to surf the net. In fact, why not surf the interweb for BBC information and post it here! Obviously, stick with the rules of no copy and pasting.

Indeed, bookmark us and keep surfing, there is no limit to the number of searches you can make. While we allow you to search for facts and figures here at the TV Licence Free Blog, we give you something the BBC can’t give – the truth!

Join The TV Licence Free Forum Too!

By all means, join the blog here. However, why not pop over and join the TV Licence Free Forum. After all, we are a BBC television licence resistance group so we have many ways to post information.

In effect, the blogs and forum offer a great way to expose the lunacy that exists within the BBC. Therefore, the more information we can provide, the better it is for the British public.

Indeed, your input may help others. Of course, we encourage people to chill out and relax while they are here too. Obviously, we don’t wish to be too serious all the time. With this in mind, you may post any interesting articles, whatever their nature.

To Sum Up

While you can surf the entire internet free of charge here at the TV Licence Resistance Website, the BBC charge a fee in order to brainwash you! Watching television should be free, or at least you should get value for money if they must charge a fee.

So, go ahead and surf the internet free of charge. Furthermore, if you see some negative articles about the BBC, report what you find here!

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