Tommy Robinson Exposes BBC Fake News In Panodrama

Tommy Robinson Exposes BBC Fake News In Panodrama

Free speech campaigner and reporter, Tommy Robinson exposes the BBC for what they are in his new documentary, “Panodrama”. The documentary is obviously a play on words with the BBC’s flagship, Panorama. Tommy Robinson not only exposes Panorama but the BBC in general.

To begin with, whether you agree or disagree with what Tommy Robinson has to say, this is irrelevant. Indeed, the important thing here is that the BBC are using TV Licence payers money to create fake news.

Moreover, it is clear that the BBC don’t care about destroying people’s lives through false reporting. So, the question is, how much more of the BBC’s broadcasts are fake? More to the point, how much of our TV Licence Fee money are they using in order to do this?

Panodrama - Tommy Robinson and John Sweeney from the BBC's Panorama

John Sweeney and Tommy Robinson in discussion

Tommy Robinson

Of course, we all know how the establishment worked together to put Tommy Robinson in prison. No sane person can justify those events because there was nothing criminal in Tommy Robinson’s actions. All he was doing was recording events outside a PUBLIC court where ANYONE could witness by being there themselves!

Apparently, you can see it and witness it yourself, but you can’t post it on the internet for others. Tommy was doing a live broadcast on Facebook, in other words, he was showing to the world what he could see, that’s all!

That news made headlines around the world but it did increase massively the amount of support for Tommy. So, basically, the establishment shot themselves right in the foot. Indeed, the establishment’s campaign against free speech is shocking the British people by the day.

Also, who could ever forget the faces of certain police constables when they began to help the establishment. After all, this is what happened in Nazi Germany, right? However, those Nazis were all hung for “just doing their job”.

At the Nuremberg Trials, this was their justification for their actions, so these cowards will say the same. But, NOBODY has to carry out an order if they don’t want to! Obviously, there is a fear factor in the police service or they just like their power trip!


After Tommy Robinson got out of prison, he was in for a shock. He found out that the BBC was going to destroy him further. Their Panorama programme was going to tighten the screw because Tommy Robinson is public enemy number one.

Of course, that is only in their biased eyes. The fact is that Tommy Robinson is more popular than anything the BBC has to offer. However, as with all evil, good will triumph over the thoroughly disgusting BBC.

Their Panorama programme, with the working title, “Tommy Takedown”, was going to use your money to help destroy a family. We know they would use words such as racist, homophobe and religious intolerance because this is how they work.

But, they were going to go below the belt and try and expose Tommy as a sexual predator. The only problem with that is that they were obviously going too far.

The BBC assigned their top reporter, John Sweeney, to gather their fake evidence. But, rather than exposing Tommy for racism and such, John Sweeney became the centre of those allegations. Tommy Robinson’s documentary “Panodrama” exposes the lot and obviously, the BBC now have red faces. No doubt the BBC will defend their actions while John Sweeney just becomes collateral damage.

The BBC have no answer to all this, in reality. But, how can anyone trust the BBC now? Obviously, the BBC is a puppet for the establishment. They also completely ignore their own policy of balance and truth.

Watch Panodrama

The Panodrama video is over one hour long but well worth watching and taking in. Obviously, you will learn that the BBC are fake news creators and that is where your TV licence money is going.

Then you will learn that organisations such as “Hope Not Hate” get money just for their name. In fact, they are a vile organisation and totally against the British people. But, all those similar organisations are the same, such as Antifa.

Watch how John Sweeney puts emphasis on the fake text message without verifying the source. It really is his only defence but that was clutching at straws. The BBC have no defence against this and the only life that the BBC destroyed was their own employee! Oh yeah, and their own integrity, for what that was worth.

To Sum Up

Tommy Robinson has never been a racist, homophobe or those other labels that the BBC uses. In fact, the reverse is true and Tommy Robinson’s Panodrama documentary confirms this.

Once the BBC go out to destroy lives, they use your money. Take a look at how they gave Jimmy Savile and his Paedophile friends protection while destroying the lives of innocent people. For example, they tried to do the same with Sir Cliff Richard. But there are many others, and now, Tommy Robinson!

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