We Know Where The BBC Stands On The US Election

We Know Where The BBC Stands On The US Election

Most “normal people” will know the answer to the headline, “We Know Where The BBC Stands On The US Election”, of course.

Obviously, we all know that the BBC is a left-wing brainwashing organisation. It matters not what your political view is, the BBC should not show its colours – period!
We Know Where The BBC Stands On The US Election

Indeed, they should be neutral and unbiased, but they can’t be!

This is because most people in the media industry are to the left on the political scale. But, the British pay the BBC to be impartial, balance and non-political. However, a quick check on the internet shows the opposite.

US election

The US Presidential Election 2016 is on November 8th and we already know who the BBC wants to win! Donald Trump is indeed an anti-establishment candidate who the BBC despises. In contrast, Hillary Clinton is more in tune with the BBC’s loony left-wing ideology.

So, you can only expect the BBC to bash Donald Trump while pandering up to Hillary Clinton. Obviously, should Trump win the American presidency, expect the BBC to be up in arms. In fact, expect the BBC to cry for a long time after, just like they will with the Brexit vote!

Indeed, expect the BBC to stir up trouble where there isn’t any. Obviously, we all know the loony left do exactly this on our streets. But, should we expect this from a British institution?

The BBC should instantly sack anyone who favours any political party and shows this while on television. But will they? Obviously not because it is engrained in the Blatantly Biased Corporation.

With the media infested with the wrong sort of people, including the BBC, is it surprising that there is a backlash? Obviously, people can see through the forced brainwashing by the media and are now speaking up. Naturally, the BBC shouldn’t get upset at this but they will still cry like babies.

So, let’s look at the odds for this election. In the first place, we have Hillary Clinton who is the strong favourite at 1/5. Then we have Donald Trump at 9/2 with one day to go. However, prepare yourself for the BBC to get upset. As with Brexit here in the UK, polls are sometimes wrong.

BBC Are Fearful

In this BBC article, we see the BBC headlines “US election: Trump and the rise of the alt-right”. So, they are acknowledging that something is happening and the media brainwashing is not going according to plan. Of course, it isn’t, the people are fighting back! There is only so much that the people can take from the cancer that we know as “the media”!

Get Ready For The Shock

So, we understand that the people are aware of the brainwashing by the media’s left-wing agenda. Indeed across Europe, normal people are moving away from this type of brainwashing, especially now that we have social media.

Also, we have seen how Brexit rattled the cages at the BBC. But, can America out-trump the victory for Brexit in the UK? We will know soon enough, of course. Indeed, there may be more tears for Aunty Beeb yet!

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