White House Bans The BBC

White House Bans The BBC

To begin with, the good old BBC is up in arms about being told they can’t come to the party. To clarify, the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, was to give the latest informal briefing to the media. But there was a bar on much of them causing the BBC to attack Donald Trumps administration yet again!

Moreover, the BBC just don’t get it, do they? So, with this headline, what does the White House know that the BBC doesn’t? Indeed, what do we know that the BBC doesn’t?

The Obvious

Obviously, the BBC constantly promotes the left-wing, anti-British and anti-white rhetoric. Indeed, most British people abhor the BBC because of this. Moreover, one look at social media supports this argument.

In view of the fact that Donald Trump won the American election, the left-wing BBC are constantly attacking his administration. Indeed, the BBC are under attack for releasing, what some consider as, fake news.

Therefore, with the BBC being the way it is, it shouldn’t surprise them that they have the exclusion notice. However, the BBC can’t grasp that their job is not to promote anti-anything. The BBC should promote facts and not their brainwashing agenda!

Infestation Of The Media

In view of the fact that most reporters and journalists are loony left-wingers, the news is not what it seems. Moreover, the BBC is one of the worst offenders for fake news. Therefore, with Donald Trump’s administration identifying this, the BBC is off the menu.

In effect, to put the BBC into a better position of fairness would take a generation to complete. In other words, the British television licence payer is paying to support such a shameful organisation.

Moreover, the people paying for a BBC television licence, are allowing the BBC to continue with their anti-British agenda. With this in mind, how silly is that?

White House Bans The BBC

Of course, the British public are not thick. Indeed, just look at how we managed to see through the BBC on the Brexit issue. The BBC broadcast so many lies and pro-EU bias, but we saw through it all.

Then we all know their reaction after the public stood up to them. Indeed, the British public spoke up then and Donald Trump has also spoken up for us. But the BBC still don’t get it.

Since the British public pay a TV licence to support the BBC, it is we who are responsible for the shame they give us. So, take a look at the reaction Donald Trump gives a BBC reporter. You need to ask yourself if this is what you want to support.

Shameful BBC

Just to point out that while we pay for the BBC television licence, we are partially to blame. After all, if we withdraw our money, they will not be able to operate with our consent. And, just to remind people, the sex crimes that come from the BBC were unwittingly paid for by us as well!

Indeed, you need to ask yourself if the BBC is heading in the right direction. Moreover, if you feel it isn’t, then withdraw your support and don’t feed the filth.

Finally, never forget that the BBC were ignoring facts about Jimmy Savile – and we paid for that too! By all means, ignore the facts about the BBC, but many of us have a clear conscience, have you?

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